Assessment of Competencies and Potentials

Create secure basics for your personnel decisions 

The deciding factor in competition for companies is the knowledge and capability of its own employees. Whether in selection of personnel (for example HILL Online Matching as an applicant pre-selection) or personnel development, well thought through methods to analyse potential offer efficient and fast results and support you impartially in making your personnel decisions.

Your ideas and our R & D experience combined as your HR Tool offer the highest level of flexibility 

Profit from our over 30 years of experience in research and development and create your own analysis of potential together with us, according to individual company requirements. 
“The usage of methods to analyse potential in making personnel decisions increases the prognosis ability in total. Aptitude diagnostics are more helpful and more cost efficient for decision finding than other available methods.” 
Katharina Erhart, F & E Manager, HILL International Headquarters



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