Selection strategies


Dare to peek below the surface and discover which potentials really reside inside the candidate! How are the candidate’s capacities for teamwork and performance? Is the candidate’s description of him/herself realistic?

Improve the reliability of your personnel decisions with objective selection procedures!

Personnel decisions have a long-term effect – save money by making the correct choice. Our Structured Interviews – carried out with candidates deemed suitable – and the comprehensive HILL Competency Analysis© will provide you with a reliable decision making basis.

Do you wish to observe the candidates in social interaction? 

By opting for the additional modules “Round Table Assessment Center”,  ”Assessment Center” and “Hearing” you gain the opportunity to optimise your selection even further and to experience the candidates in interaction with others.
„A candidate who initially seems appropriate need not necessarily remain so. I have been surprised time and again. Expert impressions made during the interviews and the Potential Analysis provide  deeper insight into the actual person – a „Quick-association-procedure“ so to say – which enables me to asses the candidate in a more accurate manner. I receive the opportunity to differentiate further between suitable candidates during the AC’s. After all, it is of paramount importance of how well the person fits into the team.“ 
Günter Frühmann, Managing Director HILL International Linz


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