Search strategies


Searching for personnel is more than just placing job advertisements and collecting applications. If the wrong individuals reply – even the best selection procedures become futile!

The ideal candidates are the ones addressed 

The basis of addressing the appropriate candidates is an accurately defined requirement & qualification profile as well as an optimal search strategy. Target-oriented advertisement texts emphasize your professionalism and are indispensable as means to present the candidate with an excellent first impression of your company. 

Benefit from our international pool of High Potential Candidates!

We will find additional candidates for you in our exclusive pool via File Search!

Executive Search "Light"

Do you have a precise conception of who shall become your new employees? These individuals will be addressed selectively and informed of open positions in your company with our special Executive Search module!
"A combination of targeted requirement profiles and the appropriate search strategies increase the amount of ideal candidates. Correct and professionally worded job advertisement texts are immensely important – there is no 2nd  chance for a first impression." 
Roswitha Hill, HR-Expert, HILL Woltron Management Partner Vienna


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