HILL Method

success requires right method

Secure your competitive edge by identifying and promoting individual and corporate potentials

By combining appreciative treatment of individuals with an analysis of all relevant factors using psychological procedures, “soft factors” become measurable – thus you acquire deeper insight into the full potential of individuals and organisations. And „soft facts“ turn into „hard facts“!

Experience and life Humanistic Management

At HILL the person takes centre stage. Individuals who are placed correctly in their professional environments are more satisfied, more motivated, and perform more effectively. An appreciative attitude is mirrored in all HILL procedures – from the manner Interviews are conducted, to the administration of the HILL Competence Analysis©, all the way to elaborate personal feedback about all candidates.

“Awareness of the significance of social intelligence and emotional factors has motivated me to collaborate with HILL for years. I attach great importance to my employees and my relationship to them in my everyday activity as manager. My credo is: listen, motivate, decide. This attitude affiliates me with HILL, and it is simultaneously the secret to the success of my career.” Arthur Oberascher, former Managing Director Austrian National Tourist Office


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